Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Season Finale Doubleheader Game 1!

Thanks for stopping by Kickballerz. Please check back soon, as Game 2 of the Season Finale Doubleheader will be posted by tomorrow!

Please check out our other blog: todaysexposure.blogspot.com ! It is a Photo-a-day blog, and we need contributors, so if you own a camera and want to actually use it, shoot us an email: Smattphotography@gmail.com and we can get you on the blog faster than you can say "cheese"!

And PLEASE be sure to visit Smatt Photography.com . We are wedding and restaurant photographers on a mission to kick balls! If you know anyone getting married, PLEASE keep us in mind and pass on our info to the couple!

If you like our stuff, PLEASE become a fan of Smatt Photography on Facebook! We have a growing community of great fans, and there are big things coming in the future!

Big thanks to B-Cubed and their opponents: The Fourth Graders!

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