Thursday, August 13, 2009


The Playoffs are here! The two teams with the worst records met at King Elementary park for a wild-card game, and a final shot to win it all. After 7 Innings chock full of drama, action, and excitement, a tie ensued. Settling a tie the way only kickballers do, a heated "best-out-of-one" match of paper-rock-scissors decided the match. A devastating "paper-swallows-rock" allowed "We are huge in Japan" to crush B-Cubed's playoff dreams forever (or at least until next season).

Another great season is over, it was full of laughs, good food, good friends, and lots of fun. Keep checking in for updates, we will be busy the second half of summer! Thanks to everyone who played, and thanks for all the support I have gotten for this blog!

Our other blogs are full of updates: Today's Exposure has a bunch of new daily contributors... We post a photo-a-day each, so there is always new content. Check it out!

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The following 2-photo sequence shows one of the most remarkable double-plays I have ever witnessed. Robert Woods (Purple shirt, 2nd baseman) makes the catch on an infield-fly thus rendering the kicker out. In the process of falling to the ground, after a remarkable knees-first dive to catch the ball, he managed to redirect his body to end up smothering 2nd base, resulting in a force out. Simply amazing athletics at their very finest!


Season Finale Doubleheader Game 2!

After a long wait, the game 2 photos are finally here! Stay tuned, and round 1 of the Playoffs will be following in less than an hour! (Really....I mean it...!)

Here is Sam of Smatt doing her impression of an airplane gaining altitude on takeoff...again!

The one below is pretty funny... if you look closely you will notice what is going on in the background... an outfielder has fallen and missed the ball... the ball is about 5 feet behind the first-baseman's legs. The first-baseman however, is (and understandably so!) "distracted" by the base-runner. =)